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Why first aid training is vital in schools.

Next to home, school is where our children spend most of their time. The younger they are, the more prone they are to injuries from sport or just playing. (Apparently some 20% of all childhood injuries occur during school hours.)

But it’s not just the grazed knee from falling in the playground or the twisted ankle from playing sport that schools need to worry about. School can actually be fatal for some children.

In fact, a study by the CDC (Centre for Disease Control & Prevention) in the US found that some 60% of all deaths of children aged 5-19 resulted from injury-related causes. Many of those injuries can happen at school.

Another study by the Red Cross found nearly 60% of these deaths could have been prevented if first aid was administered early in the incident.

You can see then why it’s vital that teachers and other key staff members in our schools are highly trained in first aid. And that they keep their qualifications up to date.

First Aid training provides knowledge and certainty for staff in our schools.

First, the training provides the vital skills needed to help save the life of a child who is injured or ill.

Second it brings confidence and certainty among the staff that they WILL know what to do when an incident happens and that they can bring about a positive result. (Panic doesn’t help anyone.)

And thirdly it provides reassurance to the entire school community that the children are in a safe and protective environment where they will be taken care of, should anything happen.

The team at Results First Aid Training regularly train hundreds and hundreds of teachers from around Melbourne and all over the State, teaching them vital life-saving skills every week.

With children in Melbourne currently home schooling, now could be a very good time to look into what first aid training your school needs. Visit to book.


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