Your questions, answered.

Is the information in the first aid training courses offered at St Johns and Australian Red Cross the same as those offered by Results First Aid?

The short answer is yes. All Courses are based on a Unit of Competency which is published at the www.training.gov.au website. A Unit of Competency is a thorough description of "required knowledge" and "required skills" for a particular course. Rules are set for how the Course can be conducted and how the knowledge and skills are assessed. There may be several Units of Competency combined to make a single Course. Australian Red Cross, St Johns, Results First Aid and other First Aid Training providers all follow the Guidelines published at www.training.gov.au. Australian Red Cross, St Johns, Results First Aid and other First Aid Training providers follow the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines at www.ausresus.org.au Each trainer or organisation can have their own methods and styles of delivering the Courses, but at the end of the day, the knowledge and skills outlined in the Units of Competency must be stringently assessed and proof supplied of assessment before a Certificate can be issued.

If the Courses are the same, why are Results First Aid courses much more affordable than most First Aid Training providers?

We want this knowledge and skillset delivered to as many people as possible. Price is part of that. We also have low overheads. We can comfortably train about 50 people per session. (Our motto is: "Our best result is a saved life")

What is Level I, Level II etc?

A Government Department oversees the VET (Vocational [Job] Education Training) system and the design and quality of Courses. A hierarchy has been set up of increasing knowledge and skills in each particular major industry in Australia, starting with the most basic standard of knowledge and skills, which is called Level I.

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