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It seems like Results First Aid Training was the business that Jude and Rory Barnes were always destined to create.


After all Jude had spent a considerable part of her career as a National Training Manager for the world’s 4th largest fast food chain, while her husband Rory was a St Johns Ambulance cadet at age 11 and later a trained nurse.


So, it has been something of a natural evolution for them to create this business together, a passion that brings their past careers together into a whole new venture.


Jude and Rory founded Results First Aid Training on a simple principle. They wanted to make first aid training something people wanted to do, rather than something they felt they had to do.


As many people must train for compliance in their roles and professions, Jude & Rory felt that if they made the training more engaging, more interesting and more relevant, people would not only enjoy the training, they would retain the data better and be better able to apply it, when they had to.


It definitely looks as if people love this approach.


While Results First Aid Training commenced operations from Jude and Rory’s home in 2012, it has now expanded into one of the largest training organisations in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, employing some X staff.


Jude and Rory lead a very motivated team of highly competent and professional trainers who deliver multiple levels of first aid training, from their own state of the art premises in Truganina or on-site wherever they are needed, across Melbourne and around Victoria.


Attendees of Results First Aid training sessions regularly report that the courses are more friendly, informative and engaging than other training sessions they have experienced. They also report that everything about the training runs so smoothly, from the fast and easy way people can book online to the operation of the course itself, to the receipt of their certificate at the end.


The whole team at Results First Aid Training have a passion to make sure that people walk away from a course having actually understood what they were learning and knowing that they can apply that knowledge if and when they are called upon to do so.


You can be sure that when you book in for training with Results First Aid Training, whether as an individual or a corporate client, you will get the very best in first aid training delivered by the very best people.

Our friendly, helpful and informative team

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