Who we are and what we believe in.


RESULTS FIRST AID is located in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.


Our philosophy is to emphasise what is important to YOU at YOUR WORKPLACE.


And our emphasis on education is simple.

We beleive that students learn better with a combination of videos, pictures and simple instructions and lots of practicals .

And then we add to that specific scenarios that are tailored to the workplace we are training at.


For example, at a Medical Centre a typical scenario might be:


“Mr Adams is waiting for his appointment –

You go to collect him and find him slumped in the chair and snoring”

What do you think about his airway?

You might look at his position, you can hear snoring, an indication of a partially obstructed airway most likely from his tongue, you might also want to feel for breath.

What will you do?

Try and rouse him, if he responds and becomes alert then he should be able to maintain his own airway.  If he doesn’t rouse and is unconscious then you will need to change his position and obtain urgent help whilst continuing with your assessment.  If he is unconscious and breathing then it’s appropriate to put him into the recovery position.


Or a Dental Practice scenario might be:


“Miss Anderson has come to have a filling –

You’ve anaesthetised her gum and a minute later she starts to complain of difficulty breathing”

What do you think of her airway?

If you have just given a patient anything then you should consider anaphylaxis.  If you look at her you may see swelling of the lips, tongue, throat, eyes and/or face.  If it is anaphylaxis then you may hear a stridor and she may become hoarse.

What will you do?

A Kindergarden Scenario might be:


"3 year old Jimmy is having severe breathing problems. It is during lunch time and he has both an Anaphylaxis Action Plan and an Asthma Action Plan. What will you do? If you are administering an Epipen, how do administer it safely to a very upset 3 year old? How does this technique differ with a 5 year old?"



We have lots of solutions to the time management of your staff training for First Aid. We understand that production hours for your staff are important, expensive and sometimes inflexible.


That’s why WE ARE FLEXIBLE IN DELIVERY TIMES for our Courses. Evenings and weekends are OK.


We can even arrange some parts of the Course to be completed ON-LINE, however this is not at the expense of the essential knowledge and skills that are LEGAL REQUIREMENTS of the Courses.


All information delivered in our Courses adheres strictly to the AUSTRALIAN RESUSCITATION COUNCIL GUIDELINES.