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Which is better – Epipen® vs Anapen®?

For many years, Australians who suffer from severe allergic reactions to things like nuts, eggs, etc, have really only had one choice in how to treat themselves if they have an Anaphylactic reaction.

The Epipen®, which injects adrenaline into the body to counter the effects of the allergic reaction.

But in September last year the TGA approved another brand of auto-injector called Anapen®.

For those who sometimes experienced shortages of Epipens, this was good news. Now consumers had a choice and an alternative if their preference was not available.

So, what is the difference between the Epipen and the Anapen?

When it comes to what they do, there is virtually no difference.

Each is designed to deliver a pre-measured dose of adrenaline directly into the body, usually through injecting it into the sufferer’s thigh muscle.

The only real differences are in the way you use it and sometimes the cost, which can vary widely.

With the Epipen, the traditional way it is used is simply to take it out of its hard container, flip the cap at the top open to get it ready, make a fist around the Epipen and jab it firmly against the victim’s large thigh muscle, holding it there for at least 10 seconds. When you jab the Epipen it automatically releases a needle that injects the adrenaline into the body.

The biggest difference is that the Anapen does not come in a hard storage container. And it doesn’t have a cap at the top that you “flip open”. Instead, it has a red button that you have to press as you jab it into the person’s thigh, in order to trigger the needle to inject the adrenaline.

Some people like the fact an Epipen comes in a hard storage container. Others prefer that the Anapen is ready to go without having to take it out of the container.

Pricing can be an issue too, but there is so much variability on pricing depending on where you buy your Epipen or Anapen from that you are best to investigate the options for yourself.

Whether you choose an Epipen or an Anapen, it’s vital that you make sure you carry it with you at all times and that you have learnt how to use it properly so if the time comes you will know exactly what to do. That moment can be stressful, so it’s wise to be prepared.

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