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What’s the best first aid kit for summer holidays?

The year is nearly over. And that means summer holidays – YAY!

While everyone looks forward to long lazy days at the beach or by the pool, spending time with family and friends, the truth is that summer holidays do have their dangers too, especially if you’re going to be driving a lot.

So you’ve packed everything you think you’ll need for the holiday but did you forget one vital thing? A first aid kit!

One of the reasons why a first aid kit is so important when you are away on holidays is that often you will be far away from the services of a big city, so if there is an incident or accident it can often take a lot longer for an ambulance or other medical help to arrive, simply due to the distance they have to travel. Therefore having essential medical and first aid supplies that you find in a first aid kit can be critical to helping someone who is injured or harmed.

But you might be saying, which first aid kit should I choose?

Well if you plan to do a lot of driving, you might want to look at something like the VOYAGER VEHICLE AND ROADSIDE EMERGENCIES FIRST AID KIT. This kit has a number of key essentials designed to keep any injured person safe if they’ve been in a car accident. It includes a reflective warning sign and a hi-vis vest to keep you safe while you are assisting the victim.

You might also want to consider something like the Soft Pack Home and Motorist First Aid Kit. This comes in two sizes. The larger Defender version comes with a lot more of the key things you will need so that you are less likely to run out of stock in an emergency. It also includes a handy note pad, pen and first aid leaflet. The smaller Voyager version comes with less quantity of each first essential in a handy soft pack, making it easy to tuck under a seat in the car.

If you’re a caravanner, have a holiday home or even like to camp in the one spot for a long time, you might like to get something more substantial like the Responder First Aid Kit. This is available in a Soft Pack, a Hard Plastic Case or even a wall-mounted Metal Case (which can be very handy for a holiday house!) This kit is so well-stocked with supplies that it’s considered one of the key first aid kits used by companies in their workplace. It will therefore be more than adequate for your personal needs.

To find out more about these first aid kits and even order one before Christmas, visit Have a Happy & Safe Holiday!


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