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What price do you put on saving a life?

First aid training is just like everything else in life.

You can always find someone selling it much cheaper, if you look hard enough.

But while some things in life are OK if you get the cheaper version, first aid training is definitely an exception.

Because ultimately why are you or your staff getting trained in first aid for anyway?

The purpose of first aid training is to equip someone with the necessary skills to know what to do in an emergency. It is knowledge that can literally mean the difference between life and death.

So while there are definitely some cheap trainers out there, the reality is they are often on the “dodgy” side. You know what we mean.

Training so boring that everyone in the class falls asleep. Trainers who do not interact with their students to keep them engaged and interested in what’s going on.

First aid & CPR training isn’t just about making someone watch a few videos and a Powerpoint presentation, then press on a dummy’s chest a few times.

It has a very specific outcome. The person needs to walk away with a combination of skills and knowledge to give them the capability and confidence, that should the worst happen, they can jump into action and actually save a fellow human being’s life.

Confidence is the key here. When you KNOW you have been properly trained then you KNOW that you can do the job asked of you. And that means a lot to the people you work with and live with.

Just because you “ticked a few boxes” doesn’t mean you can be counted on in a life-threatening situation.

Since 2012, the team at Results First Aid have focussed on delivering training that is friendly, informative and easy to access. We pride ourselves on delivering the best first aid and CPR training in Victoria with trainers who know what they are doing and, most importantly, know how to keep an audience engaged and interested.

We are not the cheapest, we never will be. But we are the best. And we always will be.

You can find out just how good we are yourself, by booking your next CPR or First Aid training session with Results First Aid. Book now at


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