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What is Low Voltage Rescue Training?

Low Voltage Rescue Training is a first aid course specifically designed for those who work around electricity, such as electricians.

It was created so that those who work in these kinds of industries have the capability to be able to rescue and help someone recover from receiving an electric shock.

It’s called “Low Voltage” because it’s only applicable to settings like ordinary household electricity. It’s not applicable to situation where people work on those high voltage overhead powerlines or underground electrical cables.

In the course you will learn how to safely remove someone who is in contact with a live source of low voltage such as a live powerline, a switchboard or other electrical appliance. These types of incidences can happen to electricians or others when connecting electricity to a home or commercial building, installing or repairing a switchboard or installing or repairing an electrical appliance.

The course goes into detail about how to work safely around live electricity, what are the risks and hazards involved, the obligations of employers and employees when working around live electricity and understanding what is electrical isolation.

As well as knowing how to safely extricate someone from the electrocution situation, the course also teaches you how to help them recover. Often this will involve the use of CPR or a defibrillator as electrocution can cause a person’s heart to stop beating or beat irregularly.

It’s important of course to not only be able to remove the person from the source of harm but also to be able to help them recover.

The course is normally conducted alongside our CPR course and so is 4 hours long in total. It is conducted either on-site at our training facility in Truganani or can be conducted off-site at your premises provided your business or organisation has a minimum of 12 people being trained.

On successful completion of the course you will know not only that you can safely rescue someone from a live voltage situation and help them recover but you will have a certificate attesting to that. The certificate is valid for 12 months.

For more information on the course, please contact us on 1300 661 065 or visit

You can book online. It is quick and easy.


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