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What do you learn in a first aid course?

Have you just discovered you need to do a first aid course?

Perhaps you’ve started a new job or new career and been told you need to do a First Aid or possibly CPR course as a condition of your continuing employment.

Maybe you’re applying for a new job and someone has told you, you’ll need to be “first aid qualified” in order to considered for the role.

Whatever the situation you are in, the first thing to know is which first aid course you need to do.

The most elementary first aid course is called “Provide CPR” which has a course code of HLTAID009. This course teaches you how to perform CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation which is an emergency procedure to help save someone’s life if they stop breathing or have a heart attack. When your heart stops, it cannot pump lifegiving blood to the body, including vital organs like the brain and lungs. When you stop breathing, no new life-giving oxygen is entering your body, which means you slowly start dying.

CPR teaches you how to pump the person’s heart for them with your hands and also provide oxygen into their lungs through “rescue breathes”. This is one of the most vital first aid skills.

The next level of first aid training is called “Provide First Aid” which has a course code of HLTAID003. This course includes all of the CPR training you do in the first course, as well as a whole range of additional skills.

You’ll learn how to examine someone who has suffered an incident to discover what is essentially wrong with them and work out what first aid to apply. You’ll discover how to safely assess the overall scene of the incident to ensure you and others are safe. You learn how to use a Defibrillator which is an additional skills to providing CPR. You’ll learn how to deal with bleeding and other trauma.

It is a very comprehensive course and is the most common course people do, and are asked to do, when they are told, they need to do first aid training.

There is a third common first aid course specifically designed for teachers and childcare workers. It is called, not surprisingly, “Provide First Aid in Education & Child Care”. This course has a course code of HLTAID012.

This course is very similar to the Provide First Aid Course but all of the training is specifically tailored to those who will be working with children or even toddlers in schools or childcare centres. As kids need specific first aid treatment that allows for their smaller, younger bodies, it’s clear you wouldn’t use adult first aid techniques on a child.

Whichever first aid course you need to do, if you have any questions about which course is right for you, please feel free to call us at Results First Aid on 1300 661 065 or visit


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