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What are the benefits of blended training?

If you organise first aid training for an organisation or your own business, you might have heard of something called “blended training”.

So, what is it and what are the benefits?

First Aid & CPR training has traditionally always been done in person because there are so many practical drills and demonstrations that students must show they know how to do before they can be granted a certificate.

This is not surprising when you realise that First Aid & CPR are “real world” skills, not theoretical exercises. When you are called upon to do CPR, you have to know exactly what you are doing and HOW to actually do it, because there will be a real person involved and their life can be in your hands.

This is why First Aid and CPR training has not followed so many other types of training, into the virtual world of fully online training where the student does the course in front of a computer and often never meets the trainer in person.

However, “Blended Training” is a smart solution because it combines the theory part of the training being done online, while the practical exercises and demonstrations are still done in person.

What this means for companies and organisations is that if they are sending their staff off-site to do their training or even if they are doing it on-site, the whole team don’t have to all be in the one place at the one time for up to half a day or more.

With blended training, each team member can do the online component, typically 2 hours or so, in their own workspace or even at home, according to their own schedule. Then they join their workmates for a short 1 or 2 hour in person session either on-site or off-site where they all demonstrate their ability to apply what they have learnt under the supervision of a professional trainer.

This opens up massive flexibility with regards to work rosters and scheduling meaning that you can more easily manage your staff and teams to get or keep them compliant with their first aid and CPR training requirements. Not having to have everyone “take time off” at the same time to do their training takes considerable burden off those in charge of managing staff. Given the Covid-related staff shortages still happening this will come as welcome relief.

To discuss how your team could benefit from “blended training” for First Aid and CPR, please contact Katrina at Results First Aid on 1300 661 065. She will organise everything for you to make it as easy as possible for your staff and teams to get the training they need in the most convenient way for you. Or enquire or book via our website at


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