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The simple solution to first aid training for large groups

If you’re in charge of organising first aid training for large companies, organisations and groups you’ll know there are many challenges. But one of the biggest is scheduling.

If you have a lot of people who need training, trying to work out a schedule for them all can be a nightmare. But did you know there is a simpler solution than just trying to get them all trained at the same time?

Clearly if you do have a large number of staff who need training, you can’t just roster them all to take the same day off and set up the training session in your premises. Having too many people not working at the same time because they have to do CPR or First Aid training simply won’t work for most businesses.

You just can’t take that many staff out of your business for an entire day, or even a half-day, and expect it to still function.

Plus, there are often size limits on how many people you can fit in your training room at the same time so that can present another challenge.

One simple solution is to find a large, local, well-resourced first aid training company who does regular training on their own premises. If they have large training rooms and regularly conduct public classes, this simple solution can work.

If you simply set up an account with the training provider, then you can roster your staff to go off to their training centre, in small groups of as little as 3, 4 or 5 people at a time. They join in the public classes and you get a weekly or monthly invoice for how many people get trained in each period.

This solves so many logistical and scheduling issues for many businesses, because it means you only need to roster off a few people at a time each week to go and do their training. This minimises the impact on the business or organisation.

If you’d like to enjoy the most flexible approach to first aid and CPR training ever developed, call our wonderful Client Training Manager, Katrina Horvath at Results First Aid Training. She will help you overcome any challenges you face with getting first aid training organised for your company, own business or staff. She has years of experience at doing exactly that and LOVES solving problems for you. Call her on 1300 661 065.


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