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Essential businesses need essential support

Right now in Victoria, many businesses are restricted in their operations. But those that are open can rightly be considered essential to the safe running of our society.

Hospitals, medical clinics, emergency services are just a few of the hundreds of categories of businesses that need to remain open to support us all.

As an essential service ourselves, first aid training is critical to allowing those businesses and many others to continue to serve the community.

Health & Safety Laws dictate the type of working environment employers must provide to their employees and no one would think that these should be compromised during lockdowns or pandemics.

Every employee, no matter the industry they work in, or work they perform, needs to have the reassurance that should something happen to them, there will be properly trained fellow staff members on hand that can assist them with their injuries.

At Results First Aid Training we see our role as providing essential support to essential businesses and services by providing that vital training to all sorts of organisations, including many of these essential services. (Yes believe it or not, even medical staff need to be trained in first aid as it is a different skill to their medical training.)

So that’s why we, like other First Aid Training organisations across the state, remain open during this lockdown as we are an essential element of helping to protect people’s health and safety during these times.

Another vital service we offer is the provision of first aid kits. Because employees also need to know that if they are injured at work, their employer has provided proper and adequately stocked first aid kits containing all the essential supplies required for their particular industry and the risks they face.

If you’ve been putting off first aid training until the lockdown ends, you don’t need to. We are open and training RIGHT NOW, in order to provide both employees and employers with the essential first aid training they need to keep providing essential services to the people of this State.

It’s an important job and one we take pride in delivering every day!


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