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Can I do my first aid training online?

Yes, you can do your first aid training online these days.

But whether you are doing CPR training, First Aid Training or Childcare First Aid, there are always parts of your training that you will need to do in person, under supervision of an approved first aid trainer – for example, demonstrating CPR on a mannequin, etc

It’s true that more and more people are taking to online training these days. But it’s important when looking at online training for First Aid or CPR that you book with an accredited trainer with a long reputation for delivering excellence in training.

You definitely would not want to do your online training and not actually have it recognised by an employer, or worse still, not receive a valid First Aid or CPR certificate at the end of your training.

If you choose to do your online training with Results First Aid, you can be sure that you will be trained with one of Melbourne most respected and experienced trainers with over 1880 Google 5-Star reviews.

We offer a ‘blended training’ option. This means you do the first component of your training online. So, you can do this at a time that suits you, without having to come to our training rooms or have us come to you. If you have a busy life this could suit you brilliantly and allow you to do your training at night, on the weekend or early morning – whenever it suits you and your schedule.

Once you have completed the online component of your training, you then simply book one of our 1-hour sessions for CPR or 2-hour sessions for First Aid. This is where you will demonstrate to our trainers that you can actually apply what you have learnt online.

So, then you can demonstrate in person that you can actually apply CPR to a mannequin for the required period of time or correctly put someone in the recovery position or apply a bandage properly, etc just like all students are required to do in our regular first aid training.

After you have finished the in-person component of your training at our training centre (or on-site if your employer has booked a group booking) you will receive a fully valid First Aid, Childcare First Aid or CPR certificate just like all our students.

So if you’d like to book online training for yourself or your employees or you have any questions about it all, please visit or call 1300 661 065.


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