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Best Apps for First Aiders

There is one thing that makes great First Aid Training even better – having some of the latest and best first aid apps installed on your phone.

At Results First Aid, we make sure everyone who attends our first aid training classes gets a recommended list of first aid apps that will help them in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

The apps themselves are not a substitute for first aid training, but they can help you if you come across someone who needs first aid and time is of the essence.

Here are the top First Aid apps we recommend to our clients.

1. VicEmergency App – this app has been developed by the State Government. It will connect you directly to Emergency Services, including the SES and send your location to an accuracy of 3 metres.

2. Asthma Australia – this app tells you what to do if someone suffers an Asthma Attack. It is simple and easy to follow.

3. Australian Bites & Stings – this very simple app tells you exactly what to do when someone gets bitten or stung and you can use it off-line which is very good if you are somewhere remote and have no mobile signal

4. Ambulance Victoria GoodSAM – this app is ideal for anyone who wants to help others as a Good Samaritan. If you would like to help in an emergency you will be notified if there is an incident near you. There is NO obligation to respond. Developed by Ambulance Victoria

5. First Aid for Pets – don’t forget our pets they need first aid too. And this Aussie developed app covers many dog and cat first aid situations

If you’d like to download any of these above apps simply go to the website listed which has links to the Apple & Google App Stores where you can download them and install them on your phone. Then, if you’re trained with us and have these apps installed on your phone, your chance of helping people faster will be even better.


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