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What is blended first aid training?

There’s a new trend in First Aid & CPR Training that is getting more and more popular.

It’s called “blended” training. The reason it’s called that is because it “blends” the best of online training, with the best of face to face training.

With blended training you do all the “theory” of your course online and then you attend in person for 1-2 hours to get assessed on whether you can practically apply what you have learnt. Can you, for example, actually do the compressions required for CPR for the necessary period of time? Can you competently place someone in the “recovery position”? Can you actually dress a wound to stop the bleeding? etc, etc

Blended First Aid & CPR Training is ideal for people who are time poor, or who can’t take a full day off work to do their training or who need more flexibility in their busy schedules.

The great benefit of blending training is that you can do the online component of the training in your own time, to suit your schedule. You don’t have to do it all at one sitting and you can do it when it suits you, not your training provider. This is particularly true of people who can only train on weekends or who do shift work and have unusual schedules.

With blended training if you need to do your online training at 3am in the morning because that’s what suits you, then you can do that, because no first aid training company is going to be open at the time of day!

First Aid training and CPR training are vital to so many people, because being trained helps to save lives. But there are certain aspects of first aid training that mean it’s not easy to transfer all of the training online and that’s why there needs to be a face-to-face component with a qualified instructor who needs to check you out on essential skills.

Blended First Aid & CPR Training still give you the skills you need to know in an emergency to save someone’s life. And with blended training, you still get a nationally recognised certificate that is valid for the same length of time as if you had done the whole training session in person.

With blended training there is no time scheduled for how long you spend doing the online component of the training. It’s not limited by time. You can take as long as you need to do it and can do it over several time periods if that works best for you.

Once you have completed your online training component you will then get a link to book in the face-to-face session which you can do at one of our regularly scheduled training sessions.

If you work for a company and are in charge of booking or scheduling the first aid training, you might find that blended training works better for your team, allowing you greater flexibility in scheduling.

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