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How to choose the best first aid training for you.

If you Google the term “first aid training” you will get dozens of pages of results. So, of all the hundreds of first aid training options available to you which should you choose? The closest? The cheapest? The one with a familiar name?

Here are a few tips to help you choose the best first aid trainers for your needs, whether they be personal or for a business or organisation.

First, find out how long they have been operating. Good companies tend to last and bad companies don’t. So, if the first aid training company you are considering has been successfully delivering training for many years that is a good sign that the courses they run are a good option for you. (We’ve been training since 2012.)

Second, does the company you are looking at deliver accredited training? That is, when you complete your course, will you get a proper certificate at the end which is recognised around Australia by employers and other organisations? Without a certificate your training won’t be recognised.

Third, are you being offered the right training for your needs? You can’t just do any old First Aid or CPR course and hope it’s the right one. It’s always important that you check which first aid or CPR course you actually need for your job to make sure you are receiving the right training. (For more information see our previous blog

Fourth, are you being offered flexibility in regard to your training? For example, does the trainer you are looking at provide the option of doing your training on their premises or do they offer on-site training for larger groups? (We offer on-site training for 12 or more people.) Also do they offer the option of blended training, where you do all the theory online from the comfort of your home or workplace and then complete the final practical assignments under the supervision of a trainer. (Book blended training with us at

Fifth, do they make the training convenient for you? Is their training facility located close to you or do you have to travel too far? Do they offer courses on days and at times that suit you? Or do they only do it when it suits them?

Last, and by now means least, what do other people say about the first aid training company? What are their Google reviews like? Do they have lots of 5 star reviews? What about Facebook? Do they have reviews there too?

It’s always better to listen to what the customers of a business say about their experience than to listen to what the business claims about itself. (In the case of Results First Aid training we are very proud to have over 2,300 5-Star Reviews on Google and over 140 Facebook 5-star reviews)

So if after going through the above checklist you find you have one or two options, then perhaps the deciding factor is how much would you like to enjoy the training? If you would like your training to be easy, friendly and informative then the choice is clear. Book in a course with us at We would be happy to see you!


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