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Off-site vs On-site training, which is better?

If you organise first aid training for a company or your own business, you might be wondering which is better – off-site training or on-site training?

The answer to that is, it depends. And the other answer could be - both!

For a business, on-site training at your own premises can have a lot of advantages. The staff don’t have to travel. It’s easier for them to switch over from working mode to training mode. There’s less time lost. It can be easier to co-ordinate with rosters and scheduling.

But it can have downsides too. Your training room may not be big enough to accommodate everyone. Being onsite can mean people get dragged away from the training to handle “situations” at work. And your first aid training provider has to bring all the gear to you. (Which is not a problem for us at Results First Aid as we do this all the time.)

Off-site training on the other hand has many advantages of its own.

If the provider has large enough training rooms, they can accommodate a lot of people at the same time. All the training gear from dummies to audio-visual facilities, etc are already there. Your staff can be more focussed because they are not “at work” and are there for just the one purpose – to get trained.

The downside of course is that your staff have to travel off-site and that can be a challenge with rostering and scheduling.

But if your training provider is well organised there is no reason why you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds by having some of your staff trained on-site and some off-site, depending on their individual circumstances and yours.

At Results First Aid, we offer a very flexible approach to first aid training. If you don’t have a minimum of 12 people to qualify for on-site training at your premises, you can do the training off-site at our place. But you don’t have to get everyone trained at once. You can send your staff in ones, twos, threes, or more to our public training classes.

If you have a lot of people to train but your training room isn’t big enough to accommodate them all at once, we can do multiple sessions or split the groups between off-site and on-site.

Essentially, we work to solve the challenges you face with getting your staff trained in first aid – whatever they may be. And we are very flexible in our approach, whether its off-site, on-site or even a combination of both. We can even offer blended training where some of the training is done online and the rest completed in person.

Whatever challenges you face, call our friendly training manager Katrina and let her help you work out a first aid training solution that works for you! Call 1300 661 065 or visit us at


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