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Is first aid training really an essential service?

With lockdowns happening in several parts of Australia right now, there is always some discussion around what constitutes an “essential service”.

Medical staff, hospital staff, emergency services personnel, teachers etc often come to mind first when thinking of “essential services” (as they quite rightly should). But there are many services that tend to slip under the radar and get forgotten. First aid training is one of them.

For a start there are many laws governing First Aid Training in Victoria. Most fall under Occupational Health Safety laws which require companies and organisations to have a certain number of staff trained in first aid for every X number of employees.

Then there are specific categories of employment where it is vitally important that there is always at least one first aid trained staff member on duty at any time.

The rules get even stricter (as they should) in places like schools, childcare centres, kindergartens and aged care facilities. After all wouldn’t you want to know the staff at any one of these places were fully trained to cope with any life-threatening emergency that happened to your child or parent?

But what’s often forgotten about first aid training is that certificates are only valid for a certain period of time and the person holding them must get updated training to ensure their qualification remain valid and up to date.

Again, you really wouldn’t want someone trying to help your loved one or fellow employee, or even customer who didn’t really know what they were doing and weren’t fully up to date with their qualifications.

So that is why we, at Results First Aid Training, like others in our industry, remain fully open and operational throughout lockdowns. Because what we do is essential for our community. We train the people who could one day be called up to save your life or the life of someone you love, in an emergency.

All our training is done in strict compliance with all government Covid-safe guidelines so you can book with confidence at


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