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First aid training for sports clubs

The world saw another shocking collapse of a high-profile sportstar recently. This time it was NFL Player Damar Hamlin from the Buffalo Bills.

The 23 year old collapsed on the field and went into cardiac arrest after taking a hit. He was saved by the immediate application of CPR and the use of a Defibrillator.

The good news is that he seems to be recovering fully. Which is to be expected. CPR administered quickly by those who are fully trained in it, followed by a use of defib, will always dramatically increase the chance of a full recovery.

In fact Doctor William Knight from the Cincinnati Medical Centre called the resuscitation “textbook” and said he hoped it would encourage more people to get trained in CPR.

At Results First Aid, we believe every sports team, from the youngest leagues in football, soccer, netball and cricket to the oldest should have plenty of staff, officials, parents, supporters, team members etc all fully trained in First Aid and CPR.

Sports are generally a healthy activity and good for everyone but there are risks and dangers involved. Not just injuries, but over-exertion, playing too hard on a hot day, taking heavy knocks or putting too much strain on your heart and lungs. All of these situations can lead to injuries, that may involve heart attacks, cardiac arrests, choking, unconsciousness and more.

Knowing what to do, and being trained to competently carry it out, can literally be, as it was for Damar, a matter not only of life and death, but a matter of making a full recovery.

First Aid & CPR training is not expensive and it doesn’t take a long time. But it brings with it that sense of confidence in the person that they can handle a situation no matter what happens. Whether your kids play sport, your partner does or you do, talk to your club about making sure enough people around you are trained to handle any on-field or off-field emergency.

We are proud to be the official suppliers of First Aid Training to the A-League team WUFC. And to some other local sporting clubs, including the Taylors Lakes Football Club.

We can come to your club if you have more than 12 people who need training and deliver the training right in your club rooms. Just give us a call on 1300 661 065 and ask for Katrina.

To find out more about first aid training with Results First Aid visit


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