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How long does my first aid training certificate last?

Did you do CPR or First Aid training for the first time last year? If so, you might be wondering how long does your certificate last?

Maybe you heard someone say it’s valid for a year. But is that 1 year from when you trained or does it expire at the end of the calendar year in which you trained? (Relax, your CPR certificate is valid for an entire 12 months from the date it was issued!)

If you haven’t heard about this, you might be surprised to discover that to keep your certificate in CPR current (and valid), you will need to renew your training every 12 months. And you might be wondering why?

There are lots of good reasons why the law says you need to update your first aid training regularly, including of course your CPR.

Like anything you learn in life, if you don’t practice it or use it, you forget it. The last thing anyone wants is someone who is supposed to be trained in First Aid or CPR being completely unable to perform those life-saving actions when an emergency occurs.

The bottom line of all First Aid is confidence. When a person is fully trained in HOW to do something and is ABLE to do it, then they become more confident in themselves. When the time comes they KNOW what to do and so they ACT on their training. That’s why staying constantly up to date with your training matters so much – lives are at stake.

Another important point is that all First Aid & CPR training is conducted under the guidelines of the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). The ARC keeps itself constantly up to date with new procedures and best practices learnt from case histories throughout Australia and the whole world.

So wouldn’t you like the reassurance of knowing the training you last did was totally up to date with all the latest advances in training learnt from millions of cases around the world?

Like CPR, all First Aid training is done under the First Aid Code of Practice. This also mandates that renewal of your full first aid training certificate, be done every 3 years. So, it’s CPR training every 12 months and full first aid training every 3 years to keep your certificates valid.

If you haven’t yet set a date and time to book in to update your CPR and/or First Aid training, why not do it now. It only takes a few seconds to book with us, one of Melbourne’s leading First Aid training companies. Book now at


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