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First Aid training at a time that suits you

What time suits you to do your first aid training? Well, that can depend on a lot of things.

Many people who work the traditional hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday often find that scheduling a day off to do their CPR and/or First Aid Training can be a challenge.

So, for them, doing their training on a weekend suits them better.

Sometimes it can also depend on what industry you work in and how your employer treats your first aid training. In some industries it’s convention to give the employee the time off that’s required to do their first aid training but in other industries they see the qualification as something that more benefits the employee as it’s a qualification they can take with them from job to job. (That’s true because the first aid training certificate does belong to the person, not the company who hired them.)

In these cases, it can be that the employer says the person must do their first aid training in their “own time”. Here again, weekend training options can be helpful.

But for those who can get the time off during the week or who prefer training this way, then training on a weekday is preferable.

This can also be ideal for people who work shift work, especially over weekends and have their “days off” during the week. Remember, 1/3rd of all employees are engaged in shift work, especially in industries like hospitality, health, retail, etc

At Results First Aid we always offer the option of weekday and weekend training every week. Our standard training days are Wednesday and Friday.

We also offer first aid training every Saturday for those who prefer to train on the weekend.

But we also offer two other options for those seeking maximum flexibility in their training schedules.

Every month we offer at least one training day on a Monday and one on a Sunday. We also offer training days on a Thursday. All these options give more flexibility to those who want or need additional options to book in their training.

Basically that leaves Tuesday as the only day of the week we don’t currently offer a training day on-site. But we are planning to offer training options for every day of the week on a more regular basis. So, keep an eye on our website. And remember, for on-site training at your premises for your employees we will train on ANY day of the week to suit you, including weekends.

In the meantime, to book your training for a day that best suits you, do it now at

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