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Essential First Aid - Wound Care for Kids

You may not know it, but this week is National Wound Awareness Week. (Yes there is such a thing!) It’s a good time for us to share some essential tips on performing a basic first aid action – namely wound care for kids.

Now kids, being kids, are prone to getting themselves hurt or cut by sharp objects, broken glass or even knives or scissors they had no idea were dangerous to them.

The first thing to recognise is that if you can stop the bleeding in a child’s cut then you should take immediate action to do so. But if after your initial efforts you cannot seem to stop the bleeding then you should definitely call for an ambulance. This is also true if the wound is particularly large, gaping or especially deep. (You will have trouble stopping the bleeding from these wounds.)

For severe cuts where you are waiting for an ambulance or medical care, take these actions.

1. Rinse the wound with water and immediately apply pressure to it with preferably a sterile gauze pad, a bandage or at least a clean cloth.

2. If you find the blood is soaking through the bandage, do not remove it. Simply place another bandage on top of the first and keep applying pressure.

3. If the wound is on a limb like an arm or leg and you can elevate it then do so, as this will slow the bleeding. Do NOT use a tourniquet.

4. If the bleeding does stop and you can remove the dressing without making it bleed again, then try to cover it with a new clean bandage.

Remember to always call for help is the wound is particularly deep or its edges are widely separated. Or if the wound continues to ooze or bleed even after applying pressure to it. Also, you should always call for medical help if the wound was caused by an animal or human bite, a puncture wound from something like a nail, a burn or electrical injury as they can require specialised care.

Instances where you should call 000 immediately include any situation where a child has a cut and the blood is spurting out and is difficult to control. Or where the bleeding is so bad the bandages just keep getting soaked with blood.

Should your child cut off the tip of their finger or toe, always put that part in a sealed plastic bag immediately and place the bag in a container with ice.

Knowing first aid is something that every parent should know. And luckily it’s something all schools and childcare centres are trained in. To book yourself in for first aid training simply visit


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