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Katrina H

Senior Training Consultant

Katrina H

Katrina joined Results First Aid Training in 2017. She is now the Sales Manager and Senior Training Consultant, running a whole team of trainers for the company. With over 24 years of customer service experience working in retail and hospitality, Katrina describes herself as a “Customer Service Superstar Extraordinaire”.

She has also done a vast amount of volunteer work with the SES, as well as the RFS in the aftermath of the 2020 bushfires in NSW, cyclones in northern Australia and earthquakes in New Zealand. In all these disasters Katrina operated as a liaison officer between all the agencies demonstrating her great people and co-ordination skills.

Her experience helping others in the emergency services field totally aligns with her work in First Aid Training. But Katrina thinks the real secret to her success is her upbeat happy attitude and that nothing is ever too difficult for her. She is a real problem solver. (She also makes a mean cup of tea.)

“I love working with the best team, because we all like to help each other. We have fun and get the job done!”

Katrina works with a lot of corporate clients organising group training sessions on location and says she enjoys organising it all and seeing it all come together perfectly.

“I know we are the best first aid training company in Victoria. But I’m not just saying that. I get to hear all the feedback we get from all our training each week and it is always so positive. But I have to thank our incredible trainers for that. They are the ones who make my job super easy.” “I think we are very real, down to earth people who actually care about you and make sure that you get the very best service!”

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