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Jasmeet K

Trainer & Assessor

Jasmeet K

Jasmeet is a Trainer and Assessor in First Aid with Results First Aid Training.

Jasmeet is extremely well qualified. She is trained in Advanced First Aid and is a licensed trainer with the Asthma Foundation. She also holds a Diploma of Early Childhood Education, which is why she is so fond of training people who work in the childcare industry.

Jasmeet has over 10 years’ experience in the training field, including a period with the Education Department in Compliance, and time spent conducting National Quality Standards audits of medical conditions management. She has delivered Professional Development workshops and, also has experience working as a First Aid Officer.

“I believe that my many years of experience, along with my engaging personality combine to make me a very good trainer. 

Added to this are my sense of humour and a desire to make learning easy. (I always try and make sure all the concepts in my classes are easily understood by everyone attending.)

I think one of the secrets to the success of Results First Aid training is our ability to customise training sessions, so they are highly relevant to whatever industry the attendees work in. For example, my training and years spent working in childcare, make me particularly suited to training people in that


In fact, all our trainers come from such diverse backgrounds that each brings with them a particular experience or skill from a certain industry and this makes us able to understand the training requirements unique to any particular field.

This diversity and our collaborative approach means that all of us work together so well with mutual respect and appreciation of each other. And of course, we always make training fun and interesting.”

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