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James R

Trainer & Assessor

James R

James is a First Aid Trainer with Results First Aid Training. He has been with the company for a number of years. James is qualified in both Cert IV Training & Assessment and the Occupational First Aid Skill Set, which means he really knows what he is talking about.

Having many years’ experience as a passionate educator and community counsellor, James brings with him a wealth of knowledge gained from working in mentoring roles with children, refugees and others on a volunteer basis. He considers himself to be an excellent communicator which is a vital skill in all these areas. You will find that James is very passionate about both health and education.

“Basically, I just love teaching people. And I particularly love teaching them skills which are not only beneficial to them but to the society at large. In this way I am helping people to help other people. It’s like sending out ripples in a pond.

There are so many things I enjoy about working at Results First Aid Training. I get to meet and train people from such a wide variety of different cultures and backgrounds. They all have different jobs and differing needs in their lives and careers, so it never gets boring. With so many different people I love to work out how to contextualise and personalise the training to everyone’s individual needs. 

I think people should do their training with us for a few reasons. First, we make it interesting. Second, we make it real world applicable. And finally, we make sure that we give people the confidence to help.

Personally, in my training sessions, I l try to simplify what can appear to be an overwhelmingly complex subject, by reducing it to the most important points and communicating those effectively.”

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