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George P

Trainer & Assessor

George P

George is one of Results First Aid Training’s longest serving trainers, having been with the company since its inception.

Training is something that George knows very, very well. He holds certificates for Training & Assessment, Advanced First Aid, Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) as well as Hospitality.

George has worked in such a variety of roles prior to focussing on First Aid training and Workplace Health & Safety training, that he brings literally decades of experience with him.

Having also worked in sales, his communication skills are superb, which of course are key to his success as a trainer working with Results First Aid Training.

“Essentially, I pride myself on being able to communicate with anyone of any age, from any type of background, any nationality, etc. Basically, I just really like people. I find people interesting and I enjoy helping them.

When it comes to first aid training, I believe I am very empathetic. So I can pick up very quickly if people are having any trouble understanding what they’re learning. (I’ve done some specialised training in this area, so I know the signs.)

I make it my goal in every training session that people will walk out of my class, being able to do what I have trained them to do. I want them to have the knowledge and the confidence in themselves to do what is needed when it’s needed. My aim is competence, above all else.

I think what makes us at Results First Aid training so good at what we do, is our ability to make our clients feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment they walk in the door. That way they are more easily able to absorb the data they are learning. 

Basically, we just really care about our customers. We make sure they have the ability and the faith in themselves to deliver first aid, when it’s needed and wanted."

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