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Ellie M

Weekend Manager

Ellie M

Ellie is the Weekend Manager at Results First Aid Training. She has been with the company since 2014.

Her job entails looking after those who choose or need to do their training on the weekend, which for a lot of people is their best option.

Being highly trained in organisation and administration, Ellie has a great eye for detail. This means she likes to ensure everything is perfectly organised before a course starts so that it all runs smoothly and there are absolutely no hiccups. 

“I love talking to all the students who come in on the weekend to do their courses. The more the merrier for me. I get great personal satisfaction out of seeing people become confident in their ability to deliver first aid to anyone they need to.”

Because she knows the “inner workings” and “behind the scenes” of all the administration involved with delivering the courses that the company runs, she can instantly solve any problem that arises – not that many do!

“Working at Results First Aid Training is like being part of a family. Everyone cares so much about our students and we all strive to achieve the best possible results for them – hence our name!

We really do take that extra time and care to make sure people in our classes fully understand how to save a life. And we do it all in a fun, interesting and interactive manner.

We also uphold the best possible standards because our purpose is to produce people who have both the knowledge and the ability to be able to help if and when it’s needed.”

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