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Annalisa R

Office Administrator

Annalisa R

Annalisa has an extremely varied role at Results First Aid Training. She has been with the company for several years now.

She has done her own first aid training as well as a Cert IV in Massage Therapy, so she really understands the human body and how it works. This is vital in understanding why certain first aid techniques are taught the way they are.

Annalisa has also worked for many years in hospitality, including at Melbourne’s most famous Italian café/restaurant. She has also run her own cleaning business and has worked in the field as a qualified counsellor and a training supervisor.

While she assists with sales and office admin, she also makes sure that customers can easily get straight onto their training without any barriers getting in the way of what they need to learn.

“I’m responsible for ensuring that all preparation work is done prior to the class, including enrolments, room-setup and cleanliness in compliance with all required government standards. It takes a lot more work than most people would imagine. 

Getting everything organised and set up so that it’s all prepared and ready to go is definitely my thing. Making sure all the paperwork is done properly in advance is vital. When people arrive, it’s my job to warmly welcome them and help them with any last-minute things they need.

I’m great with admin and organisation. I also like to talk to people and make them feel relaxed and happy.

Taking care of people comes naturally to me. Being Italian, means I know about family. My 2 kids and husband mean so much to me and that’s why I think first aid training is so important. Who knows when something might happen to anyone of us and we would need to know what to do.

I think people should train at Results First Aid Training because we offer a warm, welcoming family-like atmosphere and we are so nice. Oh, and we deliver a really fantastic result.”

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