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Why the quality of your trainer matters.

Let's face it. Not many people leap out of bed in the morning going “boy I can’t wait to do my first aid training today”.

With over a decade of experience under out belts, we understand that things like first aid & CPR training can fall into the category of something you feel you “have to do” rather than something you “want to do”. (Although we’re working hard to change this perception.)

First Aid & CPR training are mandatory in many job roles. It is vitally important as it can literally be a matter of life and death, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people look forward to doing it.

That’s why they quality of your trainer matters so much.

Just because someone knows a subject, doesn’t mean they know how to teach it. (This is a common problem in the first aid training industry.)

Before you book a training session for your staff, ask yourself. Does the trainer you are considering know how to teach the subject in an interesting and engaging manner?

Do they make the content real and relatable to you and your industry?

Or do they just stand up the front of the class reading facts and figures off a Powerpoint presentation in a dull and monotone way?

First aid training does contain vital, life-saving data. But it’s not just the data itself that’s important. It’s also the manner in which it is delivered that counts.

Does the trainer command and control the class? As in, do they have and keep the attendees’ attention or are people sitting slumped in their chairs, bored out of their brains, looking at their phones and wondering when it’s going to end.

A trainer who, through their sheer ability to communicate can command and control a class, in a respectful, interesting and entertaining manner, is one who is more likely to get that vital, life-saving data across to people in a manner that means they will retain it.

Finally, not forgetting humour. While the subject matter of first aid training is often serious, that does not mean it has to be delivered in a serious way. Jokes, anecdotes, amusing stories about real life case histories are often a far more compelling way to deliver data in a way that will be remembered.

So that’s why you should read reviews of the trainers or the training company before your book your next corporate first aid or CPR training. At Results First Aid training we have 1384 Google Reviews that are 5-star. Read some today at


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