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Why do I need to update my CPR training every year?

Have you just completed CPR training for the first time?

If you have, you might have been surprised to discover that to keep your certificate in CPR current (and valid), you will need to renew your training every 12 months. And you might be wondering why?

There are many very good reasons why the rules regarding CPR training mandate that you must update your training every year.

First, like any skill you learn in life, if you do NOT use it, you can forget HOW to use it. There is so much knowledge and information involved in CPR training that you are very likely to have forgotten some of the basics within a year, especially if you haven’t had to perform CPR on anyone.

The key to successful CPR is your confidence in your own ability to apply your skills in a real-life emergency. If you’re not confident because you can’t remember, then that can make applying CPR scary. It is in these situations that people can be tempted to not step in to help because they are unsure of themselves.

Given CPR is required in tens of thousands of cases every year in Australia, it’s important that no one who has been previously trained holds back when their skills are desperately needed.

So, it makes sense to “refresh” your training after 12 months to keep those skills and all that knowledge fresh in your mind. (If you think about it, if YOU were the one who needed life-saving CPR performed on you, you’d hate it to be attempted by someone who had forgotten all their training from 10 years ago and didn’t really have the knowledge or the skills to help you anymore.)

But more importantly, all CPR training in Australia is conducted under the guidelines of the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC). They constantly monitor and review all CPR training to make sure that the latest and most effective techniques are being taught.

For this reason, CPR training is constantly evolving to make sure it does stay up to date. Therefore some of the techniques you learn in your CPR training this year, might be improved next year so they are even more effective.

Like CPR, all First Aid training is done under the First Aid Code of Practice. This also mandates that renewal of your full first aid training certificate, be done every 3 years. So, it’s CPR training every 12 months and full first aid training every 3 years to keep your certificates valid.

If you are overdue on your CPR or First Aid training, why not book in with us today? We are very friendly, we make it all very easy for you and you will find the training very informative.


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