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Where is the best CPR & First Aid Training in Geelong?

Looking for the best First Aid & CPR Training in Geelong?

You can’t go past Results First Aid training. Founded in 2012 by Jude & Rory Barnes, the company has built an enviable reputation for delivering training that is Friendly, Easy and & Informative.

Literally tens of thousands of people have been trained by Results First Aid. People from all walks of life – teachers, childcare workers, aged care personnel, truck drivers, logistics staff, housing and construction employees, etc, etc

Results First Aid training will never be the cheapest training because we focus on being simply the best. We have built our reputation on making first aid training something people actually look forward to attending.

Our goal is to ensure that we make sure everything about booking and attending our training is EASY!

Our trainers are highly knowledgeable and we make sure that our training sessions are lively, engaging, interesting and INFORMATIVE. (Definitely NOT boring!) But most importantly we focus on making sure that when you walk out of a Results First Aid training session, you have really learnt things you did not know before. And that you know what to do in an emergency so you always have the confidence to APPLY what you have learnt.

We use the most modern teaching and training aids, including state of the art mannequins to ensure that you can perform CPR in the most life-like situation.

And we always make sure that our training sessions are enjoyable. We want you to feel welcomed with a big smile and friendly greeting. It’s this attitude that makes people keep coming back, year after year to get their first aid training with us.

All our training is fully accredited. You receive your certificate on completion of the course. CPR certificates are valid for 12 months and First Aid for 3 years.

We are holding our training sessions at Eastern Hub Geelong which is located at 285A McKillop St, East Geelong VIC 3219. It’s a modern facility and we will deliver the best First Aid and CPR Training experience possible.

Want to book CPR or First Aid training in Geelong with Melbourne’s best trainers? Book now at


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