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What should be in your company’s first aid kit?

Did you know that what goes into a company’s first aid kit is actually mandated by law? And that you can’t just toss some bandaids, a sling, some antiseptic cream and a packet of Panadol into a box and call it a first aid kit.

Every business and organisation in Australia must abide by The Compliance Code for First Aid in the Workplace. This Code has been developed by WorkSafe Victoria and like all things to do with ensuring that employers provide their employees with a safe place to work, there are heavy penalties that apply if you don’t.

The Code also mandates exactly what must go into a first aid kit and how the kit itself must be managed, including important points like restocking it in when supplies are used up or go out of use by date.

Now depending on what type of workplace your business or organisation runs, will determine the level of risk you must consider in regards to all things related to first aid. And that will determine the exact contents you will require to have in your first aid kit.

But there is a list of things that MUST be in a basic first aid kit for a business or organisation. It includes things that might surprise you, such as a notepad & pen or pencil (for taking important notes regarding any injury or incident), scissors (for cutting away both clothing over wounds or injuries and for cutting bandages) and even a large resealable bag (for putting contaminated dressing etc in.)

The Code even specifies exactly what the CONTAINER for the First Aid kit must be like, describing its size and structure and what you must put on the outside of it. It also dictates the first aid kit must never be locked and that the name and telephone number of workplace first aid offices must be located nearby or in each first aid kit, as well as emergency services’ details.

So there is more to a company first aid kit than many people assume. And again the penalties for NOT having a first aid kit or not keeping it properly stocked are quite severe. All these regulations make perfect sense when seen against the context of providing a safe workplace for all employees.

If you need to know more about the requirements for first aid kits, you can download the complete Compliance Code for Workplace First Aid at

If you would like any advice on first aid kits for your business please call us at 1300 661 065 or to order fully compliant first aid kits for business visit at


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