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Why do I need a USI for first aid training?

If you’re doing our first aid training for the first time, you will have been told you need a USI.

USI stands for a Unique Student Identifier. It’s a 10 digit combination of letters and numbers that is used to ensure that all nationally recognised training you undergo is correctly attributed to you.

Using a USI is a better system than relying on just say your name, address or the company you work for, as these can change over time and you wouldn’t want any certification or qualification you’ve worked hard to get to not be correctly assigned to you, especially if you need it for employment.

As your USI is linked to the National Vocational Education and Training (VET) data collection system it also means that if you move interstate for work your qualifications will travel with you. Having the USI system ensures that all of your nationally recognised training and qualifications, are all kept together, no matter where in Australia you did the training.

Everyone undergoing nationally recognised training, such as first aid or CPR training must get a USI.

Getting a USI is quick and easy. You create it yourself and you get it immediately.

To create your USI, simply go to Follow the instructions on the website and you will get your USI. It only takes a few minutes.

Remember your USI is a private identifier and you should create it yourself and keep a record of it so that you can always use it whenever you need it. (Don’t stress if you forget it or lose the email that has it in it, because you can go back to the same website and recover it.)

You must use your USI when booking nationally recognised training such as First Aid and/or CPR training. Ensure you book with the same name and email address attached to your USI number to make sure that the certificate you receive at the end of your course, gets credited to your USI.

If you have any questions about creating a USI or have any trouble creating your USI or have any other issues with regards to your first aid training and your USI, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly, helpful staff at Results First Aid training.

Simply call 1300 661 065 or visit


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