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The importance of first aid training for truckies

It’s been highly recommended for years for Truck Drivers to undergo First Aid training. In fact some companies make it mandatory, especially for long haul drivers.

But what’s often overlooked is why this is so important for everyone, not just the driver.

Australia is a huge country and many truckies take long journeys into very isolated places.

Should a truck driver come across an accident in the middle of nowhere the skills and knowledge they have gained from their first aid training, can be a literal lifesaver.

Knowing how to apply CPR, how to stop bleeding, how to handle someone who has a suspected neck or back injury, etc, etc are all vital skills that truckies have due to their first aid training.

This is true whether the accident involves someone in a car, on a motorbike or even a fellow truckie. Generally, truck drivers also carry first aid kits as well so not only is the driver trained in first aid, they also have the vital medical equipment with them to help dress injuries, wash harmful substances from people’s eyes, and so on.

This combination of the right skills and the right equipment being on site at the right time can literally be a matter of life and death for someone injured in the outback of Australia.

Incredibly, if you think about it, knowing the skills of first aid can even help the truck driver themselves if they are in an accident. If the driver is injured but conscious, they can help bystanders to assist them by talking them through what to do to apply basic first aid techniques or direct them to where the first aid kit in the truck is.

Also, as truck drivers have CB radios, they can often provide a vital way communication link in an emergency if the accident happens outside of normal mobile phone range.

All this is equally true, even if the accident happens on a busy freeway because the truck driver is already there on scene and can apply their knowledge of first aid and use their first aid kit while the ambulance is on its way. We’ve also all seen videos of truckies using their trucks to protect people in broken down cars or after accidents. A huge semi-trailer with flashing lights parked behind two cars involved in an accident is a pretty good safety barrier on a freeway.

So truckies do an incredible job of keeping Australia moving. But with first aid training under their belt, and a first aid kit under the seat, they are often, quite literally our first responders out there on Australia’s lonely distance roads.

If you need assistance organising first aid training for a fleet of truck drivers or need to book it for yourself, call us at Results First Aid training on 1300 661 065 or book now at


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