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How to solve your company’s first aid training problems

If you’re in charge of organising First Aid and CPR training for your business or company, you know there can a number of challenges.

Where, when and how you get the training done, depends on the number of people needing training and whether they all need it done at once or in separate groups.

If you have relatively small numbers of people, less than say 10 at a time, finding an off-site location is probably the best solution. Above that number, on-site training, where the first aid trainer comes to your workplace is generally the best solution.

But sometimes a mix ‘n match approach can work best, especially if you need flexibility with scheduling the time off for the staff to get the training done. Breaking your team up into small groups to send them off-site for training at different times can work best to handle the scheduling issue so you don’t have a huge gap in your workforce for a half-day or full day, if everyone gets trained at the same time.

Alternatively, if you do want all your team trained on-site at the one place and the one time, and scheduling is not a problem, then working with a training company who is big enough to be able to send a team of trainers, with all the required gear, to your workplace is the best solution.

But for some companies there can be a snag with this. For example, what if the training room at your workplace is not big enough to handle all your staff being trained at the same time? Again this is where working with a first aid trainer whose own training facilities are big enough to train large groups off-site is a simple solution.

Sometimes, especially in large schools for example, the best solution is to train large groups of teachers and staff on-site but in multiple linked rooms at the same time. This can be using the school (or company’s) internal networks to set up a system of simultaneous training occurring in each room, with a different trainer in each room, but all watching the same audio-visual materials at the same time.

Bottom line is, Results First Aid has a number of training rooms at our Truganina training centre, including one that accommodate over 35 people. And we have plenty of trainers to come to your workplace. If you call our wonderful Client Training Manager, Katrina Horvath, she can solve any and all problems and challenges you face with getting first aid training organised for your company, own business or staff. She has years of experience at doing exactly that and LOVES solving problems for you. Call her on 1300 661 065.


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