Vicki F

Trainer & Assessor

Vicki F

Vicki is a Trainer and Assessor at Results First Aid Training. She holds a number of qualifications which are relevant to her role at the company and which help round out her overall experience. She holds a Cert IV in Training & Assessment. She is also qualified in Advanced First Aid and as a Sports Trainer Level 1, plus she holds Certs III and IV in Aged Care and Cert IV in Community Service Work, making her highly qualified and extremely versatile.

Vicki has been a Sports Trainer at a local footy club since 2007, delivering First Aid training to both Junior and Senior men’s teams. She is still the club’s Head Trainer.

“I provide first responder duties such as first aid assessments and treatment, incident management for critical incidents, emergency service liaison, applying strapping technique, massage, rehabilitation, medical referrals, training other first aid trainees, stock replenishment and equipment maintenance.” 

She brings all of this experience with her in her role as a trainer at Results First Aid Training.

“I’ve also been in roles including Student Services Coordinating and Training Team Leadership. I have significant experience in writing & developing training resources, as well as developing continuous improvement strategies of education programs and resources.

I’ve worked in both Aged Care and Disability Care, in both people’s homes and residential facilities, assisting people of all ages and capacities. I think this makes me a great all-rounder.

My hands-on experience delivering First Aid for me makes implementing real life, scenario-based information more relatable for students. I find if I explain WHY things are done, the information is retained better. 

I simplify techniques and information so that course participants feel they are capable of actually doing something in a first aid situation, rather than feeling overwhelmed, or just panicking and doing nothing. Of course, my sense of humour always comes in handy.”