Lilly B

Training Consultant

Lilly B

Lilly is a Training Consultant and the “new kid on the block” at Results First Aid Training. Her background in customer service, management and area management, all combine to make her a very welcome and highly valued member of the team.

Having worked in one of Melbourne’s busiest and most famous retail outlets means Lilly understands how very busy, fast-paced, environments work. She likes nothing better than “jumping in” and getting things done.

Lilly loves achieving her goals and going that extra step ‘above and beyond’ for the clients. As a mother of two she finds having a happy, bubbly personality keeps her in good stead.

“I’m a real helper and I love the fact my job here at RFA lets me help out with everything. I’m happiest when I’m thrown in the deep end and just have to get the job done.”

Results First Aid Training is really like a great big family. My boss, my co-workers I love them all. It feels like I’ve been here a lifetime as it’s my second home even though I’m the newest person here.

I think we bring a relaxed professionalism to what we do. We are very friendly and easy to get along with. We make the training something everyone can understand.

We know that many people only come to us the first time because they “have” to do first aid training for their job or career. But they always come back to us because we make it fun and easy to understand. While First Aid training is serious, because it can save lives, we still make the learning enjoyable.”