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Bini Patel


Bini Patel

Bini is a key member of the Results First Aid team but you might not notice her.

Somewhat of a quiet achiever, Bini enjoys her key role in Administration for the company, keeping the wheels of the whole organisation running smoothly in the background.

Definitely a new face around the company, Bini has settled into her role quickly and is now a much-loved member of the team.

When you turn up to do your first aid training, you might not be aware of the hundreds of small, but important tasks that need to be performed to ensure that everything functions as it should and at the end of the course, you get the certificate you are entitled to. You can thank Bini for that.

Bini’s medical background working for a Pathology company helps her understand a lot about first aid training, while her advanced computer skills and “learning never ends” attitude mean she will continue to grow in her role.

“I love the friendly nature of everyone at Results First Aid. It’s a really welcoming environment for all, whether you are getting trained or you are on the team.

“I think that friendliness extends to our trainers who are so knowledgeable and experienced at what they do. And we take care of everything. The room set up and hygiene is a priority. The course materials are very advanced and we provide individual mannequins for all students, so it’s a really great experience training here.”

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