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Annabelle G

Trainer & Assessor

Annabelle G

Annabelle is a Trainer & Assessor with Results First Aid Training. She has been with the company for a number of years.

She is qualified in the complete Occupational First Aid Skill Set, which covers advanced resuscitation, advanced first aid and managing first aid resources & services. This makes her a highly qualified and highly valued member of the team.

Annabelle’s extensive experience includes spending over 12 years as a full-time First Aid Officer/Advisor in the Department of Education and Training (DET). It was there that she first completed her Cert IV in Training & Assessment so that she could pass on her first aid knowledge and skills to others.

Annabelle says that teaching first aid is like “teaching people something that I just love”.

“My passion for first aid and the education field has driven me to be a highly motivated first aid office/advisor, first for DET and now as a Trainer and Assessor for Results First Aid Training.

As a bubbly outgoing person, I enjoy educating and empowering people by delivering first aid knowledge in a clear, concise and interesting way.

I always strive to present the information in a way that will empower everyone in my class to confidently recall their first aid skills and knowledge when they need to. And be able to implement those skills if ever faced with an emergency first aid situation.

Being a trainer at Results First Aid Training has allowed me to fulfill all my goals, but most of all, I enjoy meeting people from diverse cultures and working backgrounds.

I can personally highly recommend training with the company as it a very relaxed yet highly professional environment that delivers extremely informative training sessions. All our trainers have extensive experience and skills. But we all share the same goal – that is to train all participants to appropriately apply first aid response to any emergency and deliver it with confidence and knowledge of what and why they need to apply such skills.”

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